Tax Fraud

Filing a Tip with the IRS

You see underpayment of taxes. But what next?

What is Tax fraud?

The IRS is a federal agency tasked with overseeing the United States’ tax policy system. As part of its authority, the IRS is tasked with investigating and enforcing tax law. The IRS needs tips from people like you to help identify tax fraud such as:

• Fake exemptions or deductions

• Kickbacks

• Fake documents

• Failure to pay tax

• Unreported income

You know the tax code is complex, and for every loophole or deduction, someone might be trying to take advantage of the system.

How to file an IRS tip?

If you’ve seen tax fraud in the workplace or by an individual, you should make sure you know your rights. In order to properly file an IRS tip, you need to follow the rules laid out by the IRS and submit your information to the appropriate authorities. Contact Black & Buffone to make sure you’re protected.

After You File