Filing a Qui Tam Complaint

False Claims Act

You know someone is defrauding the government. But what next?

What is a false claim?

The United States spends money in a myriad of ways…and gets defrauded in almost of all of them.

Any request or demand for money, either directly or indirectly from the United States, is a claim under the False Claims Act. This includes claims under Medicare and Medicaid, government contracts, or other federal programs like government insurance.

Any individual or company that causes the government to improperly pay out money can be responsible, whether they directly sought the money or caused someone else to improperly get money.

I see fraud. what next?

You can file a complaint in federal court, under seal (not public), to alert the Department of Justice to your claims. You are required to have an attorney to file the complaint. Your decision of which attorney you choose is the most important decision you will make. An experienced attorney can make sure your voice is heard.

Black and Buffone

We know how to position your case so that the government listens. We have the reputation and connections to ensure DOJ listens and investigates the fraud. We know how to frame your case so that it has the highest likelihood of success. We give you the best chance to stay informed as the government’s investigation progresses.

Another Firm

Many meritorious fraud claims are not successful because they are not positioned properly. They are not presented to the right people, in the right way, and your voice is not heard.

After You File

John Black and Sam Buffone have been through the process dozens of times. They know how to spot fraud, investigate fraud, and reach a successful resolution. John and Sam can make sure your voice is heard. Reach out today for a free consultation.