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Fighting Discrimination and Retaliation in Your Workplace

protecting your rights

The modern workplace is changing, and it’s more important than ever to protect yourself. We have broad experience representing employees who have been retaliated or discriminated against in the workplace. You work for a sophisticated company and they will hire sophisticated counsel in their defense. You want the most sophisticated counsel advocating for you. Black & Buffone will bring the same sophisticated legal strategy they use in hundred million dollar fraud cases to defend your rights.

negotiating from the start

In many cases, avoiding conflict down the road starts by negotiating your contract properly at the start. With extensive experience negotiating both billion-dollar settlement agreements and individual employee contracts, we can make sure that your rights are protected from the beginning. Your employer has brought in a team of highly paid lawyers to make sure it’s protected; you should have a team of your own.

John Black and Sam Buffone have the experience and sophistication to make sure your voice is heard. Reach out today for a free consultation.