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Financial Litigation

Finance is at the Center of our Interconnected World

Financial Experts

Fraudsters do not play by the rules, but you need experienced attorneys who know the rules to get your money back. It is critical to think creatively about where your money is, how it got there, how to get it back, and who to hold responsible. We have spent our careers pursuing fraud in its many forms—focusing extensively on financial fraud. Our expertise and experience have given us the foundation to see each case as a unique opportunity to help our clients recover as much money as possible.

Aggressive Litigators

Financial expertise alone is insufficient without the ability to effectively pursue your claims. Attorneys at Black & Buffone know how to pursue financial claims through our legal system’s various avenues. We are able to quickly identify a financial institution’s key employees, find the critical documents, and obtain the proof you need to prove your case. Our background in financial fraud litigation will help us quickly understand the nuances of your case and give you the best chance of leveraging the law and facts to effectively prosecute your case for the best possible outcome.

John Black and Sam Buffone have been through the process dozens of times. They know how to spot fraud, investigate fraud, and reach a successful resolution. John and Sam can make sure your voice is heard. Reach out today for a free consultation.