Identify Risks Early

Enterprise Risk Audits

Where Policy Meets Practice

All companies face risk, but the risk often arises where you least expect it. It is easy to create paper compliance, and many firms will provide solutions to ensure your policies will pass an audit, but it is far more difficult to ensure those policies are followed. Often the employees who execute for a business are not familiar with the policies and the executives are not aware of the actual day-to-day practices. Risk forms in this gap. As former federal prosecutors, we have the experience to efficiently discern if practice does not meet policy and identify the risks it can create.

A Breadth of Experience in Civil Fraud

Black & Buffone is familiar with jumping from diverse regulatory and legal frameworks — from healthcare to finance to government contracting. We know that enforcement often comes from regulators challenging what is thought of as standard practice, and it can take an outsider’s view to recognize where your business could be challenged. But we also know that an in depth understanding of a specific regulatory framework is needed to assess any risk and have the experience to quickly and efficiently understand diverse rules and regulations.

John Black and Sam Buffone have been through the process dozens of times. They know how to spot fraud, investigate fraud, and reach a successful resolution. John and Sam can make sure your voice is heard. Reach out today for a free consultation.