Resolute Advocates

Civil Litigation

A personalized approach from experienced and aggressive litigators.

A Personalized Approach

Your problem is unique and should therefore have a unique solution. At Black & Buffone, we focus our efforts to efficiently and expeditiously ensure you are situated to achieve the best result. We understand how to aggressively pursue your claims by balancing your need to win with the benefits of moving quickly to resolve your dispute.

Aggressive and Creative Solutions

We are litigators because we know how to keep our opposition honest and stand up to bullies. But aggressively fighting for our clients does not mean yelling or grandstanding. We take a levelheaded approach to your case, strategically thinking about the whole picture, reassessing when appropriate, and consistently striving to put you in the best position to recover as much as possible as soon as possible. While we are not afraid of going to trial, lengthy and costly litigation is often not in your best interests. Our flexible approach allows us to collaborate with you to think creatively about how we can effectively and efficiently reach the best resolution for you.

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John Black and Sam Buffone have been through the process dozens of times. They know how to spot fraud, investigate fraud, and reach a successful resolution. John and Sam can make sure your voice is heard. Reach out today for a free consultation.