Meet Sam and John

Our Mission

We served the American taxpayer for a combined 15 years and had the great honor to stand up in court and say we were there “On Behalf of the United States.” While we no longer work for the Government, we are committed to vigorously representing our clients’ interests.

About Black & Buffone

John Black and Sam Buffone worked in the Civil Fraud section of the Department of Justice, which is primarily responsible for False Claims Act and FIRREA investigations, including qui tam whistleblower lawsuits. Combined they have 15 years of DOJ experience, 20 years of overall legal experience, and have recovered over $6 billion on behalf of taxpayers. Their investigations at DOJ covered numerous sectors including health care, defense, education, and financial fraud. They know all parts of the government, from the United States Attorney’s Offices around the country to the agencies that are victims of fraud and the Inspectors General’s offices that assist in the investigations.